Plants and polygraphs

1966: A claim by Clive Backster, CIA expert

Advances in human knowledge and inventions of the impossible are expected from science, however more interesting to me is how scientific society remains conservative in their opinions. Some long lasting unshakable truths are just hard to break. But sometimes those are the greatest discoveries, the ones first received with doubt. In 2005 The Society for Plant Neurobiology was funded. A small group of scientists put their interest into such matters as plant behavior, memory and plant-to-plant communication. Who would ever think plants are capable of communication or have feelings?  Several experiments were conducted throughout the centuries, some more curious than others. For example, in 1966 Clive Backster, CIA expert on polygraph technology attached electrodes, normally used on people, to a plant. He claimed, that when the plant was exposed to fire, the measurements recorded were similar to a human being suddenly stressed. Even just a person with an image of a plant on fire, triggered the same reaction. Scientists in soviet Russia conducted similar experiments, where a plant showed compassion when another plant was being harmed. So far these findings had not been confirmed by contemporary science and are considered paranormal. We might just wait for couple more years till someone invents a human-to-plant communication device, or the other way around. For now it seems that the people who can really understand the nature’s voice are still the ones who live without any technology and science.

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