Who is the Garry Davis of the Age of the Antropocene?

Garry Davis was a US bomber pilot in the second world war, executing missions over Germany. After the war, he felt remorse and came to the realization that his solidarity should not have been with the Americans, or the American Government, but rather with humanity as such. He ripped up his American passport and declared himself World Citizen. He issued his own World Passport, a travel document originally based on Article 13(2), Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with which he travelled the planet. He received the support of other protagonists of the universal human rights and United Nations movement, like Camus and Einstein.

The attocities of the second world war led to a expansion of solidarity and empathy. National law was toppled by an international law, a law based on universal principles of humanity.

The current climate crisis and apocalypse of bio diversity might, in the end, lead to another expansion. From universal human right to planetary rights for life. Based on universal principles of life.

To push his revolution, Davis issued his passport and used it as a prop, a theatrical item, to help him cross the national borders that though obsolete. Who is the Garry Davis of a law of life? And what would be his or her prop of choice?

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