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Hint #1: Marina Silva @DeBalie about the Amazon region

[De Balie is a well-known platform and center for freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media, situated near the Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam. They present:]

“On October 10th, Marina Silva, former Minister of Environment in Brazil and presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, will speak about the drastic measures she took to protect the Amazon region. Silva argues that both left and right should help create an integrated and dynamic, sustainable world that is good for society, the economy, politics and humanity. During the program we will discuss who’s responsible for caring for our planet. Is environmental care and nature conservation everyone’s responsibility?

In 1994, Maria Silva became the youngest senator ever elected to the Federal Senate of Brazil. Silva was raised in the Amazon as one of twelve children in a family of rubber tappers on a rubber plantation. She acted as Minister of Environment, and successfully contributed to the protection of nature, social justice and sustainable development of the Amazon region. In addition, she decreased deforestation by almost sixty percent between 2004 and 2007. Over 20 million people voted for her in the 2010 presidential election, where she came in third place. In 2014 Silva was the presidential candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party. Currently, she is leading the new party she founded, REDE Sustenabilidade or Sustainability Network, and tries to reinvent her politics, especially in the area of sustainable development.

This program is a collaboration between Global Academy Foundation, Global Leaders Academy and De Balie.”

More info: https://www.debalie.nl/agenda/podium/marina-silva%3a-duurzaamheid-en-natuurbehoud-voorbij-het-politieke-verschil/e_9783067/p_11769989/

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