DDW 2016: Family Tree

ON SHOW, 22 October till 30 October 2016: visit the Parliament of Things at the Dutch Design Week 2016: an intriguing new political structure where non-humans are represented as well – and by themselves, no less. A place of dialogue between animals, plants, things and people, a place of conflicting interests and evolving ideas for the future. Special guests: 7.000 beech trees

OPENING | Sunday 23 October from 15.00. Drinks, talks and interviews

TREE TALKS | 22, 23, 26, 29 & 30 October 13.00 – 15.00
A conversation with 7.000 beech trees, led by Joost Janmaat and Thijs Middeldorp

PARLIAMENT OF THINGS AT MU: CREATE OUT LOUD #6 | 28 October from 18.00. Joost Janmaat & Thijs Middendorp (Partizan Publik), Lotte van den Berg (artist), Eva Meijer and Fien Veldman are part of our daily talkshow moderated by Isolde Hallensleben

20.00 – 23.00 | You’re invited to partici- pate in the parliament and speak from the perspec- tive of things. Led by Lotte van den Berg & Daan ’t Sas i.c.w. Partizan Publik. RSVP for the building conversation session via join@buildingconversation.nl


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